Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

We offer our expertise in the area of electrical engineering, where we have been known to design advanced electrical systems to meet operational requirements. From industrial electrical installations to private and complex installations, we have been involved in a varied number of electrical design, installation, and maintenance projects across Nigeria.

Our work includes electrical remodeling, design, and installation of renewable energy, emergency lighting, test and inspections, and the design of industrial and commercial electrical systems.

We have worked in factories, schools, warehouses, residential buildings, independent grid systems, and more, having developed our expertise to cater to different project types with uniform effectiveness. We deliver promptly and provide reliable electrical services that ensure our clients’ properties are powered to maximum capacity.

Included in our list of electrical service experience and service offering are:

  • Rural electrification
  • Transformer substations
  • Industrial/Domestic wiring
  • Standby generators/Powerhouse
  • Earthing/Lighting dissipation for mast and oil tank farms
  • Procurement of electrical equipment
  • Maintenance/Installation of electrical equipment.
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of electrical power systems
  • Domestic and industrial wiring
  • Maintenance of plant and equipment
  • Welding and Structural fabrication.