Civil and Mechanical

Civil and Mechanical

Our civil and mechanical engineering solutions are customized to cater to projects of different sizes.

We masterfully lead the design and construction of building and road projects across different terrains. We also lead other economically fundamental projects in public and private infrastructure. Some of our field experiences include work in the design and construction of railroads, sewage, bridges, buildings, and water systems.

Our comprehensive methodology takes advantage of highly experienced personnel and modern technology to achieve the desired results on every project we are responsible for. We also ensure we follow established regulations guiding engineering operations in Nigeria, safeguarding against compromise in each of our operational processes.

Through our range of services in civil and mechanical engineering, we provide the following engineering solutions:

  • Civil/Building constructions
  • Rural water scheme
  • Pipeworks/Welding fabrications
  • Fireproofing and corrosion control
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Piping design, calculations and detailing
  • Pipe supports weight calculations
  • Piping work control log/Piping erection sequence
  • Supervision of pipe, equipment erection, and installation
  • Fire protection and fireproofing of structural steelwork
  • Preparation of as-built drawings and as-built documentation
  • Roofing cladding/Acoustical works
  • Architectural and structural designs
  • Construction of residential and industrial space
  • Construction of jetties
  • Construction/maintenance of roads, culverts and drainage
  • General refurbishment